Our Services

Our full service Token Offering enables you to create the token opportunity for your business, take it to the investor market and realise the potential.

Full Service Token Offering oveview

We work with you to design your blockchain or token-enabled business.

Our world class team, with experience across Token-Economics, Legal, Technology and Marketing will analyse your business and create your full Token Investor Proposition and Whitepaper.


We’ll test the proposition and take it to market with you with full investment grade KYC/AML.


Post funding, we safeguard and broker raised funds, secure your token exchange listing, and monitor the market with our token support services.

We tailor our Define/Launch/Grow framework to each specific situation – working closely with your people and other partners.




Work closely with leadership to refine the business plan and investor pitch Go to investor market and fund raise for the business plan Implement the plan and grow value in the business
  • Analyse the current/potential business strategy
  • Confirm/define technology approach
  • Define/design coin type (Security, Utility, Stable etc.)
  • Develop token-economic strategy using independent research analysis (Novum)
  • Confirm legal framework – Compliance, Jurisdiction, security and opportunity
  • Define the marketing strategy for token launch and tokenised business growth
  • Create white paper, landing page and media assets
  • Develop investor proposition and test market with investors
  • Private and pre-sale investor engagement
  • Build awareness amongst investor and user communities
  • Moderator management of Telegram (etc)
  • Qualify investors (Full Whitelisting, KYC and AML)
  • Bounty and Reward Programmes
  • Execute crowd sale and receive funds
  • Custody management of crypto raised
  • Issue and distribute tokens and management of airdrops
  • Negotiate exchange token listings
  • OTC management to convert crypto to FIAT
  • Manage release of funds vs. progress stages
  • Manage release of funds vs. progress stages
  • Secondary token market making
  • Ongoing community management
  • Stablecoin treasury management
  • Ongoing custody management
  • Exchange strategy management
  • Investor Relations management
  • Business development relationships

Workflow managed within the C4DR hub, collaborating closely with members as well as external partners